Water Cycle Split Type

Water Cycle Split Type

Water cycle series including three models: RSJF-32/CN1-B, RSJF-50/CN1-B and RSJF-72/CN1-B1.



Water cycle series’ capacity is range from 3.2kW to7.2kW, which adopts double-wall heater exchanger to prevent refrigerant leakage.

Model RSJF-32/CN1-B RSJF-50/CN1-B RSJF-72/CN1-B1
Power supply 220~240V 1Ph ~50Hz
Ambient Temp. -7~43°C
Outwater Temp. Default 50°C, 40°C~60°C
Storage size of optional tank L 260/300/350/400
Water heating Capacity kW 3.00 4.30 6.50
COP kW/kW 3.70 3.87 3.61
Dimension (W×H×D) mm 790×765×275 790×765×275 845×945×335
Packing (W×H×D) mm 905×807×355 905×807×355 965×1,009×395
Net/gross weight kg 56/60 62/66 81/86.5
Refrigerant type R410A R410A R410A
Compressor type Rotary Rotary Rotary
Water pipeline Water inlet pipe DN20 DN20 DN20
Water outlet pipe DN20 DN20 DN20
Water circulating pipe DN20 DN20 DN20
Controller KJR-51/BMKE-A KJR-51/BMKE-A KJR-51/BMKE-A
Loading Quantity 20’/40’/40H Pcs 76/160/240 76/160/240 64/134/134


1. The test conditions: outdoor temperature 7/6°C(DB/WB), inlet water temperature 30°C, outlet water temperature 35°C.

2. The test conditions of hot water yield: outdoor temperature 20/15°C(DB/WB), inlet water temperature 15°C, outlet water temperature 55°C.

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Environment friendly
Environment friendly refrigerant R410A is used, no harm to ozone layer.
Environment friendly

Double-wall heat exchanger is used to prevent refrigerant leakage.

Easy control
Automatic startup and shutdown, automatic defrost.
Touch-style key wired controller KJR-51/BMKE-A is used for easy operation.
Easy control

Easy installation
Built-in water pump and close refrigerant circuit, easy for plumber installation.


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