Combo 300L 50Hz

Combo 300L 50Hz

Optional built-in heater exchanger.
COP 3.8.
NF & CE certification.



Combo Type Heat Pump Water Heater 300L Series product adopts stainless or enamel water tank.
The combo structure design ensures easy installation, only water pipelines need to be connecting in-site.
25Pa air flow pressure enables ducted length up to 10 meters.

Model RSJ-35/300RDN3-D RSJ-35/300RDN3-D(S) RSJ-35/300RDN3-F1
Heat source Heat pump E-heater Heat pump E-heater Heat pump E-heater
Running ambient Temp. °C -7~43 -20~43 -7~43 -20~43 -7~43 -20~43
Outwater Temp. °C Default 55°C,38°C~60°C Default 55°C,38°C~60°C Default 55°C,38°C~65°C
Power supply Ph, V, Hz 220~240V 1Ph ~50Hz 220~240V 1Ph ~50Hz 220~240V 1Ph ~50Hz
Storage size Ltr 300 300 300
Water heating Capacity kW 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00
Cop kW/kW 3.60 1.00 3.60 1.00 3.80 1.00
Unit Dimension (D×H) mm Ф650×1,920 Ф650×1,920 Ф650×1,920
Packing (W×H×D) mm 750×2,150×780 750×2,150×780 735×2,150×780
Net/gross weight kg 117/144 123/150 145.5/175.5
Refrigerant type R134a R134a R134a
Compressor type Rotary Rotary Rotary
Water pipeline Water inlet pipe mm DN20 DN20 DN20
Water outlet pipe mm DN20 DN20 DN20
Drainage pipe mm DN20 DN20 DN20
Solar heat exchanger Water inlet pipe \ DN20 \
Water outlet pipe \ DN20 \
Applicable person 5~6 5~6 5~6
Loading Quantity 20’/40’/40’H Pcs 21/45/45 21/45/45 21/45/45

Remark: The heating capacity is tested under ambient temperature 15˚C/12˚C (DB/WB), initial water temperature in the unit is 15˚C, terminate water temperature is 45˚C.

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Environmental protection
Environment friendly refrigerant R134a is used.
No discharge of poisonous gas.
No pollution to atmosphere and environment.

1. Complete isolation between water and electricity without electric shock problem, more safety.
2. No fuel tubes and storage, no potential danger from oil leakage, fire, explosion, and so on.
3. No cross contamination potential, the condenser coil is wrapped around the enameled inner tank.
4. Multiple protections: PTR valve, Manual & Automatic double high water temperature protection switches.

Auto control
Automatic weekly disinfect function.
Automatic start-up and shut-down by timing setting.
Automatic defrosting by reversing refrigerant cycle.
Automatic select heat pump heating and E-heater heating.
Auto control

Flexible duct installation
Flexible duct installation achieves by long air inlet and outlet duct with pressure.
25Pa air flow pressure enables ducted length up to 10 meters.
Flexible duct installation

CE, StandardsMark, WaterMark & SAA approval.


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Air Source Heat Pump 201506 119.43MB download
Combo Type 300L-D,D(S)Heat Pump Water Heater Technical Manual 201506 2.12MB download