KJR-29B – Жичен контролер


New appearance designed with touch key and follow me function



Provides multiple functions:
Air filter cleaning reminder;
Remote signal receiving function;
Keyboard lock function;
Setting addresses;
Silent mode;
Follow me function

Model name KJR-29B KJR-90C KJR-86C
Keyboard lock ×
Swing function ×
Timer function ×
Clock display ×
Address setting ×
Remote signal receiving ×
Air filter cleaning reminder ×
Follow me function ×
Silent mode ×
26℃ shortcut setting × ×
Display indoor temp. × ×
℉/℃ initial setting ×
Fan speed control
Mode selection



Dimensions (H*W*D)(mm): 120*120*20

Power(V): DC 5V

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Air filter cleaning reminder
The wired controller records the total running time of the indoor unit. When the accumulated running time reaches the pre-set value, it will remind users need to clean the air filter of the indoor unit.
Cleaning the filter regularly can keep indoor air fresh and clean, promotes health.
Air filter cleaning reminder

Silent mode
Under the cooling, heating and auto mode,activating Silent Mode can reduce running noise by setting fan speed to Low. Helping maintain a peaceful environment.
Silent mode

Remote signal receiving function
KJR-29B provides a signal receiver for remote controller.
Signal from remote controller can be received by a wired controller, then sent to the indoor unit and it conveniences to control.
Remote signal receiving function

Follow Me Function
With the FOLLOW ME function, the wired controller can detect the air temperature at the user’s altitude instead of the ceiling or floor. This helps to make the room’s environment comfortable and the temperature accurately meet the user’s desire.
Follow Me Function

Address setting function
KJR-29B has the address setting function. The service person can set the address for indoor unit by KJR-29B, easy for the installation and future service.
Setting addresses

Keyboard Lock function
The locking function can be used to lock out unauthorized users from using the controller.
Keyboard Lock function


File Name Date File Size Click to download
KJR-29B Wired Controller Technical Service Manual 2015-7-2 1.01MB download