A5 Duct

Introduction – A5 Duct

Cooling Capacity: 12000-60000 Btu/h
Cooling Only and Heat Pump
Flexible Air Intake Ways


Flexible Air Intake Ways

Air inlet from back standard and from bottom optional. The size of the plate from bottom and flange from back is the same, it’s easy for installer to change the air inlet from back to bottom.

Twin Combination

The units can be installed as twin systems: one outdoor unit can be connected with two same indoor units. The indoor units can be combined in any of the different available ratings.

Main Capacity 12000 Btu/h 18000 Btu/h 24000 Btu/h 30000 Btu/h 36000 Btu/h 48000 Btu/h 60000 btu/h

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